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49,00 EUR*
Details Transformation of Whispering Voice to Pseudo-Real Voice: An approach of whispering voice transformation for unvoiced telephony and communication aid for voice-handicapped people

Transformation of Whispering Voice to Pseudo-Real Voice For voice handicapped people, an easy to use voicing aid device is desired. In mobile telephony, so-called non-speaking speech communication is an expected solution for essential privacy as well ...

75,49 EUR*
Details Mexican Voices of the Border Region Mexican Voices of the Border Region Mexican Voices of the Border Region (Voices of Latin American Life)

Mexican Voices of the Border Region How the border shapes the experiences and opportunities of Mexicans on each side Full description

16,58 EUR*
Details Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Capitvate, Persuade, and Command Attention: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade and Command Attention

Voice Power Celebrity voice coach, Renee grant-Williams reveals the trade secrets behind persuasive voices and shows readers how to apply positive vocal techniques to business and personal situations. Learn how to breathe properly, project your voice ...

23,46 EUR*
Details The Voice for Love: Accessing Your Inner Voice to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

The Voice For Love Deep within your soul, you've yearned for the ability to clearly hear God's Voice. The Voice for Love is the answer to your prayer.Tapping into this Source of Loving Guidance and Wisdom is your God-given birthright. The secret of ...

9,20 EUR*
Details Funtime weltweit kleinste Voice Changer

Worlds Smallest Voice Changer - 4 Distinct Voices A tiny megaphone voice modifier for hours of fun! Cleverly disguises and distorts your voice into four distinct different tones Upset the dog and annoy your neighbours with this pocket-sized device ...

12,95 EUR*
Details Voice Basics (English Editon): Your voice - your instrument! (Voggenreiter Verlag)

You want to (re-)discover your voice, make it more assertive and persistent, maybe extend its range a little? Here’s the tutorial you need: 'Voice Basics“ is chock-full of useful hints and exercises, preparing you to sing in a band or a choir and ...

34,03 EUR*
Details Voices of Darkness

Voices Of Darkness - Voices Of Darkness [Japan LTD Mini LP CD] VSCD-9473

3,63 EUR*
Details Million Voices (7 Seconds)

Thomas D Million Voices (7 Seconds) Der grösste Online-Chor Eine Aktion von Thomas D und der Telekom 1. Million Voices (7 Seconds) 3:28 2. Million Voices (7 Seconds) - (Premix) 3:25 Written by Cherry, Neneh Format: CD, Single ...

24,49 EUR*
Details 21st Century Musical Theatre: Men's Voices: 21st Century Musical Theatre - Men's Voices

Brand Neu! Auslieferung aus Kalifornien, USA. Lieferung kann möglicherweise zusätzliche Einfuhrgebühren erfordern.